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We have been making custom bullet moulds based on customer requirements and customer deminsions and specifications for 30 years. This includes every form of shooting dicipline where cast bullets are used including Long Range Black Powder Cartiage out to 1,200 yards, Black Powder Cartiage Sillouette out to 500 meters, and traditional Scheutzen Matches at 200 yards. Scheutzen shooters usually require a tapered bullet to breech-seat in the barrel ahead of the powder-charged cartiage case. We make bullet moulds for Cast Bullet Association Matches, most usually .30 cal. which is the most popular. Bullets cast from our moulds are also used for the long range stages of Cowboy matches, or SASS competitions. We also make bullet moulds for individuals who enjoy shooting cast bullet for recreational shooting and for off-season practice with their favorite hunting rifles, and some of the older antique rifles and pistols. Cast bullet are very popular with big bore shooters as a means to keep the recoil levels and the expense of shooting medium and larger caliber guns to a moderate level.


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